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2016-2017 Executive Committee  

President: Caren Teitelbaum, M.D.

President Elect: Melissa Welby, M.D.

Immediate Past President: Reena Kapoor, M.D.

Secretary: Shaukat Khan, M.D.

Treasurer: Sherrie Sharp, M.D.

Councilors At Large:

Sohrab Zahedi, M.D., and Tobias Wasser, M.D.

Representatives to the APA Assembly:

John de Figueiredo, M.D.

Reena Kapoor, M.D.  

Brian Keyes, M.D.

Past Presidents of the Connecticut Psychiatric Society

2015-2016       Reena Kapoor, M.D.

2014-2015       Brian Keyes, M.D.

2013-2014       Carolyn Drazinic, M.D., Ph.D.

2012-2013       John Santopietro, M.D.

2011-2012       Christine Naungayan, M.D.

2010-2011       Charles Dike, M.D.

2009-2010       Paul Desan, M.D.

2008-2009      Vladimir Coric, M.D.

2007-2008       Ameet Lamba, M.D.

2006-2007       Alex Demac, M.D.

2005-2006       Victoria Dreisbach, D.O.

2004-2005       John deFigueiredo, M.D.

2003-2004       John deFigueiredo, M.D.

2002-2003       Michael Norko, M.D.

2001-2002       Brian Benton, M.D.

2000-2001       Brian Benton, M.D.

1999-2000       Thomas Stewart, M.D.

1998-1999       Michael Sarezky, M.D.

1997-1998       Jerome Schnitt, M.D.

1996-1997       Harold Schwartz, M.D.

1995-1996       Bennett Rosner, M.D.

1994-1995       Ellen Fischbein, M.D.

1993-1994       Peter Zeman, M.D.

1992-1993       Selby Jacobs, M.D.

1991-1992       Ezra Griffith, M.D.

1990-1991       David McMahon, M.D.

1989-1990       Gordon Kuster, M.D.

1988-1989       Robert Daly, M.D.

1986-1987       Theodore Zanker, M.D.

Interested in a leadership role with the Connecticut Psychiatric Society?  Please contact the Executive Office at 860-243-3977 or by email at

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